The Court composed of: Augustino S. L. RAMADHANI; President, Elsie N. THOMPSON, Vice-President; Gerard NIYUNGEKO, Fatsah OUGUERGOUZ, Duncan TAMBALA, Sylvain ORE, El Hadji GUISSE, Ben KIOKO, Rafaa Ben ACHOUR, Solomy Balungi BOSSA, Angelo Vasco MATUSSE- Judges; and Robert ENO- Registrar. In the matter of: INGABIRE VICTOIRE UMUHOZA v. THE REPUBLIC OF RWANDA after deliberation, delivers the following Order: Subject Matter of the Application 1. The Court received, on 3 October 2014, an Application by lngabire Victoire Umuhoza, (hereinafter referred to as "the Applicant"), instituting proceedings against the Republic of Rwanda (hereinafter referred to as "the Respondent"). 2. The Applicant is a Rwandan citizen and leader of the opposition party Forces Democratiques Unifiees, (FDU lnkingi). 3. The Applicant alleges, inter alia: a. That in 2010, after spending nearly 17 years abroad, she decided to return to Rwanda to contribute in nation-building, and among her priorities was the registration of the political party, FDU lnkingi. 1

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