proceedings against the United Republic of Tanzania (hereinafter referred to as "the Respondent"), for alleged violations of human rights. 2. The Applicant, who is currently detained at Butimba Central Prison, was sentenced to death by the High Court of Tanzania at Bukoba on 23 August 2006. That death sentence was confirmed by the Court of Appeal , which is the highest Court in Tanzania on 8 November 2011 . The Applicant then made an application to the Court of Appeal for review of its judgment in Application No.6 of 2012. 3. The Applicant alleges, inter alia, that: (a ) the High Court erred by relying on the evidence of prosecution witnesses to convict him because it was not credible, and which was contradictory and inconsistent; and (b) the Court of Appeal caused him prejudice occasioning a miscarriage of justice by not considering his application for a review of the appeal judgment. II. Procedure before the Court 4. The Application was received at the Registry of the Court on 22 March 2016. 5. Pursuant to Rule 36 of the Rules of Court, on 10 May 2016, the

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