ent, Gerard The Court comp osed of: Augustine S. L. RAMADHANI , Presid OR~ . El Hadji NIYUNGEKO , Fatsah OUGUERGOUZ, Duncan TAMBALA, Sylvain and Angelo V GU ISSE, Ben KIOKO , Rafaa BEN ACHOUR, Solomy B. BOSSA MATUSSE, Judges; and Robert ENO, Registrar. IN THE MATTER OF REQUEST FOR ADVISORY OPINION BY THE COALITION FOR THE ASSIS TANCE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT, THE LEGA L DEFENCE & MENTATION PROJECT (LEDAP), THE CIVIL RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT & DOCU CENTER CENTER (CIRDDOC) AND THE WOMEN ADVOCATES DOCUMENTATION (WARDC) After deliberations ; Makes the following Order: I. Nature of the Reque st zations (NGOs ) 1. The Authors of the Request state that they are Non-governmental organi protection of based and registered in Nigeria and they undertake the promotion and Africa. human rights and the fight against impunity across Africa, especially in West raised in this 2. The Authors submit that they ''have justiciable interest in the issues the International Request", noting that Nigeria is a State Party to the Rome Statute of re bound by Criminal Court (ICC) and a member of the African Union (AU), and therefo thereof and the treaty obligations under the Rome Statute by virtue of Article 86 African Union. Resolutions of the AU, by virtue of Article 23 of the Constitutive Act of the ity in Nigeria and 3. The Authors argue that being a coalition of NGOs working to end impun well as on AU across West Africa , "and engaging with these governments on ICC , as for Advisory issues ", they are deeply interested in the questions presented to the Court 2

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