The Court composed of: Sophia A. B. AKUFF O, President; Bernard M.
NGOEPE, Vice-President ; Gerard NIYUNGEKO; Fatsah OUGUE RGOUZ;
Augustine S. L. RAMADHANI Elsie N. THOMP SON; Sylvain ORE; El
Hadji GUISSE and Ben KIOKO , Judges: and Robert ENO, Registrar

In accordance with Article 22 of the Protocol to the African Charter on
Human and Peoples ' Rights on the Establishment of the African Court on
Human and Peoples ' Rights (the Protocol) and Rule 8(2) of the Rules of the
Court (the Rules), Judge Duncan Tambala, Membe r of the Court and a
National of Malawi did not hear the application.
In accordance with Rule 66(4) of the Rules Judge Kimelabalou Aba did not
hear the application.

In chambers, after deliberation, delivered the following ruling;




The Court handed down its judgme nt on 21 June 2013 in an
Application which had been brought by the Applica nt against the
Respondent. By a letter dated 16 August, 2013 , the Applicant made an
application to the Court containing two requests: for the review of the
Court's judgme nt and also for the interpretation of the judgment. The
application was purportedly brought in terms of Rules 67 and 66,
respectively, of the Rules. In this Application , the Applicant is selfrepresented.


The Registrar served the application on the Respon dent on 28 August ,
2013, requiring him to respond within thirty (30) days of the receipt of
the notification. That time was extended by fifteen (15) days, that is, up
to 19 Octobe r, 2013. Still there was no response. The Co
decided to
proceed with the application.






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