The Court composed of: Sophia A. B. AKUFFO, President; Fatsah







NIYUNGEKO, Augustine S. L. Ramadhani, Elsie N. THOMPSON , Sylvain
ORE, El Hadji GUISSE and Ben KIOKO, Judges; and Robert ENO,

In accordance with Article 22 of the Protocol to the African Charter on
Human and Peoples' Rights on the Establishment of an African Court on
Human and Peoples' Rights ("the Protocol") and Rule 8(2) of the Rules of
Court (11the

Rules~~ ).

Judge Duncan Tambala, Member of the Court and a

national of Malawi, did not hear the application.

The Parties

1. The Applicant, Urban Mkandawire, is a Congolese born Malawian

He brings this application to seek redress following his

dismissal as lecturer by the University of Malawi ("the University").

2. The Respondent is the Republic of Malawi. It has ratified the African
Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights ("the Charter"); it did so in 1989.
Respondent is also a State Party to the Protocol, having ratified it on 9
September 2008. Respondent has also made a declaration in terms of
Article 34(6) of the Protocol, accepting to be cited before this Court by
an individual; the declaration was made on 9 October, 2008.


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