-2- The Court composed of: Augustine S. L. RAMADHANI, President, Elsie N. THOMPSON, Vice President, Sophia A. B. AKUFFO; Bernard M. NGOEPE, Gerard NIYUNGEKO, Duncan TAMBALA, Sylvain ORE, El Hadji GUISSE, Ben KIOKO and Kimelabalou ABA, Judges; and Robert ENO, Registrar. In the matter of: Lohe lssa Konate, Represented by: Yakare-Oule (Nani) Jansen - Counsel John R.W.D Jones Q.C. v. Burkina Faso, Represented by: Antoinette OUEDRAOGO, Counsel Anicet SOME, Counsel After deliberation, Delivers the following Judgment: 2 1

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